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February 2018 Health Newsletter

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February News Letter


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Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic - the largest natural, drug-free, surgery-free, expressive Heathcare system in the world.

More and more families are discovering that periodic chiropractic checkups and adjustments promote health and healing without drugs and dangerous medical treatments.

In This Issue ...
Questions and Answers About Chiropractic
Help! The Flu Vaccine is Coming!
Breast Cancer, Bras and Deodorants
Football Injuries - Can Chiropractic Help?
Researching Chiropractic

In This Issue ...  Here we are, enjoying the winter. Admit it, winter has its charms. A gentle snow can be beautiful; or sipping hot chocolate (organic of course) in front of a cozy fire or spending time with loved ones or skiing and sledding. At the very least winter makes us appreciate spring. This month let's explore some very important issues and have a little fun. 

Because we like to help as many people as possible, feel free to forward this issue to others. Let us know if you'd like us to add someone to our mailing list. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions about anything you read please feel free to contact us. 


Questions and Answers About Chiropractic 

Question: What Does a Doctor of Chiropractic Do?

Answer: The goal of chiropractic is to locate and remove a serious form of stress and energy blockage from your body. This is called a subluxation. Without subluxations, your body is able to function more optimally with higher resistance to disease, improved digestion and elimination, a stronger immune system and greater potential for radiating happiness, balance, poise, grace and energy. 

Exactly what are subluxations? Subluxations are internal distortions in your body structure that interfere with your nervous system. Because your nervous system controls your entire body, subluxations can interfere with the function of your muscles, bones, organs, glands and tissues. Over time subluxations weaken your body, unbalance your skeletal system and even affect the function of your brain. 

Nearly everyone has subluxations - many people have them for years and even decades. The goal of the Doctor of Chiropractic is to locate and correct subluxations in your body. And don't forget your children! Babies, infants and children often have severe subluxations that can adversely affect their health. For that reason, bring your family; make visiting your Doctor of Chiropractic a family affair.


Help! The Flu Vaccine is Coming! 

Once again, the media and medical organizations seem to be doing their best to scare people into getting a worthless, dangerous flu shot. For example, CBS This Morning had a special report "Why is this year's flu season so bad?" People like scary news telling us "The End is Near." But accurate headlines such as "This year's flu season no big deal" or "Few people get sick from the flu" or "Deaths from the flu are rare" don't sell newspapers, vaccines or drugs. 

160829 MEDEX zika vaccine jpg CROP promo xlarge2

Most people (as much as 80% or more) who think they have the flu don't have the flu; they have an ILI - an "influenza-like illness." That's right, laboratory testing finds no "flu" virus in most people. Yes, they feel sick, have a fever, feel tired and achy an

d in a few days, are better. What they experienced was a badly needed natural detoxification, and they have a healthier body in the wake. Studies show that the more fevers and colds a person has throughout their lives, the less cancer they develop.

The facts don't agree with anyone getting a flu shot. For example, when the percentage of the population getting flu shots jumps there is no change in pneumonia, death or hospitalization. 

The flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water (as established by the EPA). That is just one reason why more money is paid for damages from the flu shot than from any other vaccine. Among health problems after the flu shot are miscarriage, seizures and paralysis. Do yourself a favor, don't get a flu shot. A short common-sense video about the flu vaccine is available at


Breast Cancer, Bras and Deodorants 

Research continuously reveals that a major cause of cancer is toxicity. Toxins are deposited in fat tissue and the breast is mostly fat tissue. Tissue samples show that many toxic chemicals are found in breast tumors, especially parabens.

Parabens bind to estrogen-receptors and encourage cancer cell growth. They are found in thousands of cosmetics and drugs including deodorants.  In addition to being absorbed through intact skin, shaving the underarms creates tiny cuts, creating a direct pathway for the deodorant chemicals into the bloodstream and surrounding tissues. 

toxic vaccine chemicals

Additionally, there are reports that women who wear bras for long periods have more breast cancer. Underwire bras are especially constrictive and cause

lymphatic pooling of toxins, leading to an increase in breast cancer. For example:

  • Women who wore their bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer.
  • Women who wore bras more than 12 hours per day but not to bed had a 1 out of 7 risk.
  • Women who wore their bras less than 12 hours per day had a 1 out of 152 risk.
  • Women who wore bras rarely or never had a 1 out of 168 chance of getting breast cancer. The overall difference between 24 hours wearing and not at all was a 125-fold difference.


Football Injuries - Can Chiropractic Help? 

The excitement of this most American game of modern gladiators battling over territory cannot be denied. Football must touch an ancient part of our psychology and that is why it draws in millions of people around the globe. Football widows would enthusiastically agree. 

However, football, along with so many other sports and human activities, has a dark side: you can get hurt. Badly hurt. We're not just talking about broken bones. It appears that football (and boxing) causes brain damage known as CTE - chronic traumatic encephalopathy associated with repetitive head trauma. 

Football Injury


The problem is worse than we thought. In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, CTE was diagnosed on autopsy (post-mortem) in a high proportion of former football players whose brains were donated for research. The study found that 110 of 111 National Football League (NFL) players had brain damage, That's over 99%! Researchers also found brain injury to a lesser degree in non-professional players. For example, CTE was found in 3 of the 14 high school players (21%) studied but 48 of 53 college players (91%) and 9 of 14 semiprofessional players (64%).


Can chiropractic help? Absolutely! Before and after every game (even during the game) all players should be checked and, if necessary, adjusted by a Doctor of Chiropractic for subluxations.



Researching Chiropractic - 

Chiropractic clinical case histories have been a regular feature of our patient newsletter since its inception. There seems to be no limit to the health problems that respond to chiropractic care. How many people suffering, on drugs, facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care? 

Probably most of them.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). A 34-year-old woman with SLE went to a chiropractic office for detection of subluxations. Her symptoms included constant chronic pain; constant fibromyalgia-related symptoms; chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression-related symptoms; stiffness in the neck; thyroid problems; menstrual disorder; stomach disorder; mid back pain; irritable bowel; numbness in her feet; low back pain and leg pains.


Using chiropractic analysis, several vertebral subluxation complexes were located. 

She received 11 spinal adjustments over the first twelve visits and upon re-examination, she was "much improved." Her right and left leg pain and numbness in her feet completely resolved and her menstrual disorder completely resolved. In addition, her stomach disorder, irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, systemic lupus erythematosus related symptoms and ADD/ADHD related symptoms were much improved. At her next re-examination, her Raynaud's, systemic lupus erythematosus, depression and nausea were all completely resolved. She also stopped taking seven medications including hydrocodone, tramadol, flexeril, gabapentin and Wellbutrin®. 

 Her blood work revealed resolution of systemic lupus erythematosus.  

Neck pain. The patient is a 55-year-old female who presented with a chief complaint of neck pain, exacerbated by prolonged sitting and standing. The patient also presented with reduced neck range-of-motion (ROM), spasms and tenderness of her left neck muscles, and postural abnormalities. 

A patient health history and chiropractic examination was performed and subluxations were located and corrected. By the end of care, the patient's Verbal Pain Scale score went from a 5/10 pain level to 0/10 pain level.

Foot drop. A 24-year-old male weight lifter presented with insidious onset of foot drop upon waking from bed. There were no preceding signs or symptoms prior to the foot drop. The pain was intolerable and pressure could not be applied while standing. He went to the hospital emergency department the morning the initial symptoms appeared. All medical testing and imaging were negative. 

He then followed up with the chiropractic clinic and following an exam and adjustments his symptoms began to diminish. After four visits the patient had complete resolution of all signs and symptoms.



Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
Copyright: Schmidt Chiropractic 2018

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Is it ADHD or is it Thyroid?


Is it ADHD or is it Thyroid?

Join us for a Free Class Monday April 9th 6-7 pm. 

Our Thyroid health effects so much of our everyday lives. Understanding this connection is crucial. Poor Thyroid health can be the physiological reason for an "ADHD" diagonis and should be rulled out first. Join us for this free class to learn more about how you can help your child acheive optimal health.
Space is limited. Please RSVP by calling
the office at 360-943-6015 / 310 Cleveland Ave Tumwater, WA 98501

Thyroid1 FB



Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
Copyright: Schmidt Chiropractic 2018

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Immune Support Kit Special

Flu season is here again.

Keep your immune system strong and stay healthy this season with extra support from our Immune Support Kits. On sale now for 15% off the regular price. Stop by the office to pick one up for you and your loved ones today.

310 Cleveland Ave. SE Tumwater, WA 98501 360-943-6015 / 

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Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
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Heart Sound Recorder

February Special 

Heart Sound Recorder Session 

Regularly $45, this month free for current patients, our special gift to you for the month of February. 

Call the office to schedule you session today. 310-943-6015

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Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
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Share to Care

Share to Care Special 

Refer your friends and family in need of Chiropractic Care and get a $20 Visa Gift Card AND 30% OFF your friends first visit! 

Some Restictions Apply. Call the office for details.360-943-6015 /  

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Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
Copyright: Schmidt Chiropractic 2018

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VA Chiropractors To Perform Physical Exams for Military Veteran Truck Drivers

President Trump has signed into law the Job for Our Heroes Act, which includes a provision allowing chiropractors working within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to perform physical exams on veterans needing a medical certificate to operate a commercial motor vehicle. "The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is committed to improving the health of our veterans by removing barriers and expanding access to chiropractors in the VA as well as other federal programs," said ACA President David Herd, DC.  Prior to the legislation, only 25 medical doctors within the entire VA health care system were qualified to perform the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams. Providers in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners—including more than 3,500 chiropractors—were excluded from providing the exams to truck drivers who receive their care through the VA health care system. Consequently, the drivers were burdened with limited access and increased wait times, and were forced to look outside the VA and pay for eligible health professionals to perform the required physical. By increasing the number of health professionals, including chiropractors, who may conduct the physical exams, the new law will the ease the process, as well as save time and money, for veterans seeking commercial driver’s licenses.

Author: American Chiropractic Association
Source: online, January 11, 2018.
Copyright: American Chiropractic Association 2018

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Chiropractic First - Surgery Last
Many individuals suffering from back, neck and spinal-related conditions experience mild to moderate, even severe chronic pain. Often, a sense of frustration and hopelessness lead many to obtain surgery in their quest for relief before considering other forms of safer, less invasive care. The medical research discussing the complications of surgery are loaded with statements including, "Surgical site infection (SSI) after spinal surgery can result in several serious secondary complications, such as pseudoarthrosis, neurological injury, paralysis, sepsis, and death." Certainly there are conditions that may require surgical intervention. However, it's essential to first ensure that other forms of safe, non-invasive, mainstream interventions such as chiropractic care have first been considered, especially given the severity of complications related to spinal surgeries. If you or a loved one are experiencing neck, back and/or spinal related pain and/or discomfort, or, perhaps it's simply time for a checkup, call your local doctor of chiropractic today. Most chiropractors offer no obligation consultations allowing an opportunity to meet with the doctor and discuss your case prior to making any decisions about care.

Source: The Spine Journal. Vol. 15 Iss. 3, March 1, 2015.
Copyright: LLC 2015

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Appreciate your Doctor of Chiropractic

Did you know chiropractors are in a high-risk group for low back disorders. Ironically, low back problems are the most common conditions chiropractors treat. While providing patient care, chiropractors can place a great deal of stress on their back and spine. So next time you see your chiropractor working hard to get and keep you well, give them a friendly pat on the back… they deserve it!

Source: J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2003;26:25-33
Copyright: 2003

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