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December News Letter

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Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic - the largest natural, drug-free, surgery-free, expressive healthcare system in the world. 

December Special! Receive 25% OFF on your next adjustment when you bring in 10 non-perishable food items for the local food bank. Take good care of yourself this holiday season while supporting those in need. Offer only for current patients expires 12/31/2017

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Your Inner Healer - Let It Out
CDC Admits There is No Science Behind the Flu Vaccine
Questions and Answers About Chiropractic
Traditional Eating - What We Stopped Doing
Researching Chiropractic

Your Inner Healer - Let It OutReiki Healiing Hands

 I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop...was not. Why? What difference was there in the two persons that caused one to have [disease] while his partner...escaped? Why? (1) D.D. Palmer, Founder of Chiropractic

 Are you healthy if you feel good? If you said, "Yes," ask yourself if you ever felt good one day and then came down with a cold, the flu or some other condition the next. 

 What about people who "feel good" one moment and have a heart attack or stroke the next? It's obvious that health is much more than how you feel. So, what is health? Health is your ability to adapt to or handle physical, chemical and emotional stress without losing your physical, chemical and emotional balance.

 Your Innate Intelligence                  intelligence clipart abstract cognitive intelligence 23654338

 What does adaptation look like inside you? It's thousands of different chemicals being balanced every second, millions of cells dying every second, millions being born every second and billions of nerves firing messages to every part of your body every second. Your lunch is somehow turned into eye, muscle, heart, bone, skin and blood; damaged tissues are being repaired; blood vessel linings are being smoothed; germs and tumors are being destroyed; and all the things that your cells produce are being monitored and balanced while you read a book, sleep or run a race.

 What Keeps Track of All This Activity? 

 A wondrous intelligence organizes this activity. As Lewis Thomas, MD writes in The Medusa and the Snail, "[There is] a kind of super intelligence that exists in each of us, infinitely smarter and possessed of technical knowledge far beyond our present understanding.'' (2) Chiropractic refers to this as our innate (inborn) intelligence. With it running things, your body is a complicated, living, adapting, growing being - without it, you would be no more than a pile of chemicals worth a few dollars. 

 How Does Your Inner Wisdom Communicate with Your body?

 There is a part of your body that is especially intimate with your inner wisdom: your nervous system, composed of your brain, spinal cord and the billions of nerves that emerge from them. Your nervous system touches every nook and cranny of your body, and your innate intelligence uses this vast communications system to organize your billions of parts into a healthy, adapting, living being. (3) True health or adaptation can only emerge when your innate intelligence can communicate to your body parts without interference or "static." 

 A complete loss of communication happens in death; a partial loss results in a general deterioration of health - or "dis-ease" - you are less alive and less able to cope with life's stresses. Eventually a dis-eased state turns into disease conditions. (4) 

Subluxations are a common, often painless condition that stresses your spine and nervous system and causes "static," dis-ease or body malfunction. Doctors of Chiropractic spend years of training learning how to locate and correct your subluxations, freeing your body from dis-ease and helping you better reconnect to your inner healer. Make sure you are free of subluxations - visit your chiropractor. 


CDC Admits There is No Science Behind the Flu Vaccine

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Through all of her years of medical training Cammy Benton, MD said the only thing she was taught with regard to vaccines were that they were "safe and effective" and to discard the vaccine inserts, as they were all "lawyer jargon."

 But she began to ask questions about the science behind the flu shot, and even asked a senior CDC official about it at an event. She found no credible studies backing up the science behind the flu shot.

 When she called the CDC about it, the CDC admitted there was no science confirming the effectiveness of the flu vaccine, it was simply "all we have" to combat the flu season.

 Dr. Benton then asked why hospitals were not requiring ALL medical personnel to wear face masks during the flu season, since the CDC was admitting the flu vaccine was not effective.

 The person at the CDC hung up and the next Monday Dr. Benton was presented with a four-month severance pay. She states that this was the best "vacation" she could have received at that time, because she spent every day studying about vaccines. 

 Watch the video interview and read the rest at


Questions and Answers About Chiropractic

Question: What causes your subluxations?

Answer: Subluxations are caused by a stress that overwhelms your body such as:


  • A difficult birth?or delivery
  • An auto accident
  • A fall no matter how long ago (even as a toddler)
  • Bad posture
  • Eating junk food (chemical stress)
  • Using the same body position over and over at work or play (repetitive strain injury)
  • Emotional tension 
  • Pushing yourself too hard
  • Being a couch potato
  • Dental work
  • Drug use, medications
  • Surgery
  • Working in an awkward position 
  • A mild jar when you're unprepared 
  • An emotional shock when your energy is low
  • Long car rides


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Traditional Eating - What We Stopped Doing

 Our ancestors did it for hundreds and thousands of generations. It's prized in all cultures. What is it? Eating fats. 

 Here's an example: when Eskimos (Inuit) catch game such as seal, caribou, bear, etc. they prize the liver and internal organs and give the lean muscle meat to their dogs. 

 This diet is found all over the world. Even today many cultures still prize the health qualities of organ meats, i.e. chopped liver, sweetbreads (thymus or pancreas), Scottish haggis (heart, liver, lung pudding), sausage from many cultures, British bangers, Irish shepherds' pie - there are many similar dishes all over the world.

 It seems to be the opposite with modern society. And yet lean meats were always considered less important and less nutritious than the fatty organ meats. It's true, organ meats have far more nutrients.


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Researching Chiropractic

 Chropractic clinical case histories have been a regular feature of our patient newsletter since its inception. There seems to be no limit to the health problems that respond to chiropractic care. How many people suffering, on drugs, facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care? 

Probably most of them.

Hypothyroidism and irritable bowel, lower back. A 34-year-old woman visited a chiropractic office complaining of low back, hip and upper back pain. She also reported that she was medically diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and secondary hypothyroidism. 

 Chiropractic analysis revealed subluxations that were causing nervous system imbalance (dysautonomia). Chiropractic adjustments corrected her subluxations. After two months of care, the patient's thyroid function test showed improvement and she was able to stop her medication. Additionally, she reported improvement in her irritable bowel syndrome, low back, hip and upper back pain. (5) 

Placental insufficiency and fetal growth restriction. A 29-year-old female, who was 32 weeks pregnant, presented for chiropractic care because she was concerned about a diagnosis of placental insufficiency and delayed fetal growth that was given after an ultrasound examination. There is no medical treatment for this condition.

However, chiropractic analysis revealed subluxations in her cervical spine (neck), sacrum and pelvis. She had eight visits over a three-week period to correct her subluxations. On the day after her first visit she had another ultrasound that revealed normal placental blood flow and normal fetal growth rate. She was able to carry the baby to 37 weeks permitting the fetus 3 to 4 more weeks of growth. (6) 

Sleep bruxism in a 9-year-old. A 9-year-old boy with a 4-year history of sleep bruxism was presented for chiropractic care. He was found to have vertebral subluxations throughout his spine.

Chiropractic care to correct subluxations led to a reported reduction in sleep bruxism and an objective improvement in posture as well. (7)

Heart rate variability and chiropractic. The timing between heart beats should vary beat-to-beat. That is called heart rate variability (HRV). The more HRV, the greater a person's health. Low HRV has been linked to physical and emotional dis-ease or body malfunction.

Analysis of the beat-to-beat intervals (heart rate variability) has been used to evaluate the nervous system balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. Analysis of beat-to- beat variability is a simple, non-invasive technique to evaluate autonomic dysfunction and may be a tool to assess the changes in autonomic activity associated with the reduction and correction of vertebral subluxations. A search of the relevant literature found that some controlled studies suggest that very thing: chiropractic care may improve heart rate variability in a positive way - meaning that nervous system function improves. 

The author writes, "Vertebral subluxations may result in altered autonomic nervous system activity. Heart rate variability is a reliable and valid tool that may be used to assess the changes in autonomic activity associated with the reduction and correction of vertebral subluxations." (8)




Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
Copyright: Schmidt Chiropractic 2017

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Empower Your Health!



 Join us for a one hour class that will be Life-changing for your Family.

Thursday May 3rd 6- 7:15 P.M.

     Call today 360-943-6015   ~Bring a friend  Limited seating


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Optimize Your Genetics


Optimize Your Genetics

Understand how your DNA impacts your health

The root cause of most illness is the presence of free radicals and oxidative stress. These damaging free radicals are superoxide, peroxynitrite, glutamate, and ammonia. Our body naturally produces all four of these agents, but genetic variations can cause you to have too much of them. When out of balance, these free radicals can cause cellular damage and inflammation, leading to slower rebuilding and repair of cells and ultimately faster aging and more optimal conditions for disease.


Depression, Arthritis, Parkinsons, Heart Failure, Dementia, Atherosclerosis,,ADHD, Learning Disorders, Alzheimers, Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Stroke

Monday, November 13th 6-7pm / Saturday, December 9th 10-11 am

Bring a friend ~ Call today ~ Limited Seating


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Source: Schmidt Chiropractic Center
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December Food Drive

Dear Friends,

We'd like to thank you for choosing our practice to provide your chiropractic care. For the month of December receive 25% OFF on your next adjustment when you bring in 10 non-perishable food items for the local food bank. This offer is for current patients and expires 12/31/2017.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy New Year!





Author: Schmidt Chiropractic
Source: Schmidt Chiropractic
Copyright: Schmidt Chiropractic 2017

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A Cure For The Holiday Blues

The holidays can be a wonderful time for family and friends to relax and spend time together. For some, it can also be a time of increased stress and heightened depression. Research suggests those seeking relief from a case of the holiday blues could add exercise into their routine. According to a new review of current research including 35 past trials, moderate exercise provides moderate relief in those with depressive symptoms. Although more studies are required, the current findings suggest that over time, moderate exercise reduces depressive symptoms as much as psychotherapy or antidepressant medications. Researchers state that the frequency and intensity of exercise is important. For instance, walking at a slow pace has no positive effect on depression. So if the holidays are bringing you down or you are just looking for a mood and energy boost, put down the cookies and get exercising!

Source: The Cochrane Library, online September 11, 2013.
Copyright: LLC 2013

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Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

Whether you're scheduled for a long road trip, shopping for a small army of friends and family members, wrapping dozens and dozens of gifts or camping out in the kitchen to get all your cooking complete, major holidays can easily put your body at risk of injury. Prolonged sitting, prolonged standing, extensive walking, awkward positions, overeating and plain old mental exhaustion are all common when the holiday season comes into full swing. Here are a few common sense tips to assist in keeping you healthy and pain-free this holiday season:

  • Traveling: bring water and small snacks to stay well hydrated and to keep your blood sugar levels stable, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring along a small blanket and travel pillow, bring all required travel documents as well as any maps or reservations for rental cars and hotels, be careful and obtain assistance when handling heavy/bulky luggage and gifts - use a push cart or dolly and obtain assistance whenever appropriate and/or possible
  • Shopping: bring water and small snacks to stay well hydrated and to keep your blood sugar stable, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, have your shopping day pre-planned in regards to locations to visit and gifts to purchase, use shopping carts when available and take gifts to your vehicle frequently rather than risking injury by lugging pounds of gifts from store to store, be careful and obtain assistance when handling heavy/bulky gifts
  • Cooking: maintain proper posture while at the counter/sink, alternate between sitting and standing positions, take frequent breaks, stretch often, careful when using knives and other sharp objects
  • Gift Wrapping: maintain proper posture, stretch frequently, be careful not to leave scissors or sharp cutting objects on the floor where they can be accidentally stepped on or where they can be accessed by small children or animals, be careful and obtain assistance when moving or wrapping larger or bulky gifts
  • Holiday Eats and Treats: do your best to avoid over indulgence of those holiday eats and treats, maintain activity levels to counter act all that holiday feasting, avoid driving when you've consumed those holiday spirits
  • Treat Your Body To A Holiday Gift: if you find those aches and pains creeping in or just want to be in tiptop shape this holiday season, stop by your chiropractor's office and treat your body to the most valuable gift of all... the gift of health!

Copyright: LLC 2014

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Skipping Breakfast May Lead to Essential Nutrient Shortfall

It is commonly held that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but until recently the prevailing argument was simply that breakfast eaters started the day with sounder cognitive function and set themselves up for overall better performance and achievement as the day progressed.

However, a recent study out of Kings College London in the UK suggests that children who skip breakfast on a regular basis are likely missing out on all recommended essential nutrients throughout the day.

In general studies conducted over many years, skipping breakfast has been proven to increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, reduced memory function, and weight gain. However, only recently have studies of nutrition shown the effects of missing out on micronutrients such as vitamins C, D, E, B-complex and K, folic acid and beta-carotene, and the correlation of obtaining these nutrients beginning with a meal at breakfast.

Iron and Calcium Deficiencies May Be Linked to Skipping Breakfast
Detailed statistics of participants in the Kings College study show that more than 30% of children who skip breakfast are low on iron, and more than 20% of the children are deficient in calcium. Comparatively, only 3% of children who eat breakfast regularly were low in iron and or calcium. Not surprisingly, fat intake throughout the day was higher when children did not eat breakfast.

Researchers determined that older children, those aged 11 to 18 years, were more likely than their younger peers (ages 4 -10 years) to skip breakfast. And girls were more likely than boys to begin their day without a meal. But the missing micronutrients in the younger breakfast skippers was greater than in the older group, indicating that the younger you are, the more important it is to eat breakfast so that your body can derive and process nutrition throughout the day.

Even children in the study who ate a nutritionally balanced diet despite not eating breakfast were still found, when tested, to be lacking in essential nutrients, further indicating that breakfast may be key to establishing efficient and balanced dietary intake. The study also indicated that children who did not eat breakfast ended up consuming the same number or fewer total calories as children who ate breakfast every day.

Source: British Journal of Nutrition, online August 17, 2017.
Copyright: LLC 2017

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